Saturday, January 15, 2011

Florida Keys or Conch Republic, as they call it

We're on our way back from a few days in the Keys.  A little peace of paradise.   A string of islands all conncected by a single highway.
 On either side, gorgeous aqua water, wild birds and wild vegetation growing freely.  Oh and let's not forget all the tacky gift shops!  The Keys is one huge beach town.  Very laid back.

We spent our first night in Key Largo.  Can't help but sing the Beach Boys song when you say Key Largo!  Didn't really do anything.  More of a pit stop before heading down to Key West.  Had a quiet evening in our RV.  Headed the next morning to Key West, the last Key at the tip of the US.  The Old part of town is party city.  Everyone is drinking in the streets.  Music is blaring from all the different bars on Duval Street (main street).

We look a little odd with our baby stroller! Not that many young people on the islands.  But we don't care.  Sophie seems to enjoy herself!


Walked around for a few hours taking in the scene.  Had a delicious piece of key lime pie!  Boy was that ever good!  In the evening we went to this little shack called Bo's Fish Wagon.  Had fried grouper and shrimps!  Yummmy! MOre walking on Duval street and off to bed. Oh we finally found out what a Conch is (pronounced conk). It's those big seashells, you know the ones you can hear the ocean when you put your ear to them.

The next day we drove  back towards mainland and stopped in the MIddle Keys at Bahia Honda State Park. A gorgeous park completely protected from development.

The water is pristine however.  So many birds all over.  We spent the day walking up and down the beach enjoying the scenery and relaxing.  Sophie enjoyed it until she just passed out on Daddy's back.

Back at Key Largo for dinner and bed.  In the morning we went to do a glass bottom boat ride to see the coral reef.  Very nice ride in beautiful sunshine.

I think people were more interested in Sophie than the fish and coral!  There was an entire group of girls going crazy over her! She charmed the crowds as usual, until she started crying cause she was tired.  Then we got those ''no body likes a crying baby'' looks! Back in the backpack she went and off to sleep she went!  So nice to travel with such a good kid!

We walked a little bit around and now we're heading back to Boyan's parents for a day .  We leave on Monday for a four-day cruise in the Bahamas!

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