Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well we made it to Florida after a long drive from Washington.  On our way we stopped overnight in Savannah Georgia.  Didn't see anything, just slept there.  We did go to Jekyll Island in Georgia.  That's where a bunch of millionnaires back in the late 1800 hung out.  Big country club and summertime cottages are now open to the public to see.  Pretty cool.

We arrived at Boyan's parents' house in Cape Coral, Florida on Friday night.  It was nice to settle down for a bit. We did some work on the RV.  Minnie Winnie got a facelift!  She looks like a 20 year old, but you can tell her bones are 70!! 

Spent today and yesterday at the beach.  Not too hot, but warm enough to catch some rays.  Sophie got to see the ocean for the first time and she was quite taken by it.  We got her some sunglasses for the occasion.  Little Miss Cool wears them as if she had them her whole life.

We're packin' up tomorrow for the Florida Keys. 

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