Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Washington D.C. done!

Sylvia: Well two days in Washington  were really nice.  We arrived late Monday night.  Got all cozy in our RV in a grocery store parking lot.  Slept pretty well.  Sophie, not as well as home, but she was a trooper.  The next day we headed off into the city and discovered what the Unites States of America are all about.  The grandeur of this city is breathtaking.  Nowhere else have I seen such large buildings made entirely of marble with all the fixin's.  They really took pride in building this capital of theirs.   We started with a visit of the Holocaust museum, where they give you an identity booklet as if you were a Jew at that time and each page tells the story of the person you're supposed to be.  At the end of your visit, you find out if you survived or not.  I didn't, but Boyan did.

Then we visited the Capitol. Beautiful building where Congress meets.  Took most of the afternoon to visit it all.  At the end, we were too tired to go see anything else.  headed back to our RV and ha dour first meal!
The night went well until the heating stopped working.  IT's about 0 degrees celsius outside so no time to loose heating!  The battery was dead.  Thank God for the generator!  It was close to morning so we started our day early.  Today we went to see the Washington Monument (the Obelisk).  We went all the way up the 555ft to get a gorgeous view of the city.  I'm sure we spotted Obama.  Everyone looked like ants from up there, it was hard to tell!!

Then we went to see the Lincoln Memorial, you know the huge statue of Abraham Lincoln, the one where he sits on a chair and overlooks everything.  Very impressive.  You never think it could be that big until you see it with your own eyes.  Walked around the White House.  Forget about getting anywhere remotely close to it.  In the afternoon we went to the Natural History Museum.  Saw dinosaurs, stuffed wild animals and beautiful gems and stones.  All pooped out, the three of us headed back home.  Now it's supper time.  Tortelinni alfredo it is!

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