Monday, March 7, 2011

Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs

What a state!  No wonder so many people live in California.  You really have it all, mountains, beaches, urban living, nice weather.

We started out our Californian adventure at Joshua Tree National park.  Odd looking trees in the middle of a desert where huge boulders make up the landscape. Higher up in altitude, we had to dress up more than what we were expecting for California.  The scenery was unreal. It felt like we were on another planet sometimes! The park is so large, that we did quite a bit of driving to see the most that we could.  We did manage to do a couple of one-hour hikes.

Right next door to the park, there’s Palm Springs.  We didn’t do much then drive around in the city, but we did take the aerial tram all the way up to Mount San Jacinto.  I really enjoyed myself.  After a dizzying ride up, we got to go on a wonderful hike.  Normally people go in the summer where the trails are properly indicated, but because there was snow on the ground we were on and off the trail all the time which made for much more interesting views and discoveries.  The temperature was just above zero with loads of sun.  Nothing better for some mountain exercise!  The views were breathtaking and made us feel like we were all alone.  Which we were more or less since not that many other people actually leave the tram area.


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