Monday, March 7, 2011

Los Angeles

It was off to L.A. afterwards.  As soon as we stared driving, the scenery started changing.  Grass was replacing the desert sand and trees started showing up.  And the LA takes over quickly. First the suburbs and then the never ending city.  Sprawled all over the place.  You can’t see the city limits!
Our first afternoon there, we spent a lot of time looking where to park our beast.  LA is not RV friendly, nor are the drivers may I say. People are stressed here on the streets.  No mercy!  We finally found ourselves in the far suburbs in the north-west, above Santa Monica and Malibu.  So we went to Malibu beach.  Odd, one day we are wearing winter coats in the mountain and the next we’re in shorts and t-shirts!    Saw some surfers in the late afternoon sun catching some waves. We walked a little along the beach admiring all the beautiful beach villas.  Tried to find Charlie and Allen from Two and Half Men, but to no avail!  So we headed back home though the Malibu hills.  There we discovered that we were parked next to Trader Joe’s!!!  What is Trader Joe’s you may ask?  Well it’s the best grocery store in the whole entire world!  (thanks Paul and Jo).  All sort of natural foods at cheap prices.  We got ourselves some readymade dinners and had a delicious meal! 

The next five days, we visited LA with all its glory.  Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hill, Belair, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Getti Museum, Griffith Park Observatory, Hollywood sign, Mulholland Drive, … We really enjoyed ourselves.  Plus the weather was cooperating so it made for a nice visit.
Playing with Dad on Malibu Beach
Super Diva

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