Monday, March 7, 2011

San Diego

After our fourth flat tire of our trip, we drove down to Encinitas near San Diego to visit my cousin Paul and his wife Joanne and baby Ava!  It was so nice to see familiar faces. Not that Boyan anSophie aren’t great, but we don’t talk to many other people on this trip so when someone from home is there to share some good times, it makes for a wonderfully good time!  The best part was to see Sophie and Ava play with each other.  Sophie absolutely loves other children, especially babies.  So she was just thrilled to have Ava.  Ava, on the other hand, wasn’t as excited about seeing Sophie!  Sophie would hug Ava or climb on her, which wasn’t always welcome, but they found a way to make it work and figure each other out!  It was delightful to see them.

We went for a little hike along the beach, ate Jo’s famous fish tacos, discovered San Diego, strolled in Balboa Park, visited the USS Midway (aircraft carrier),ate more of Jo’s awesome cooking, had Paul’s sourdough pancakes, had Boyan’s crepes, hung out in the Jacuzzi tub and talked around a fire in their backyard.  An awesome visit that helped us, or at least me, replenish for the last remaining month of our trip.

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